Heavy Haulage

Welcome the heavy haulage page, this page will tell how and what we can move and what else we can cater for, whether it be huge boilers for locomotives or a wide structural frame, D.J.Milner is a good choice when it comes to large moves.

29This is a classic example of what we can do, this Boiler needed to transported a very long distance, it took skill and patience in order to load this awkward piece of engineering and then even more to transport it across the country, this move was completed efficiently and successfully.

This move has to be one of the most pleasing moves we have accomplished, this 17 meter JIB Section needed to be transported to another part of the country, we thought with its abnormal angles and size this load was going to be a long day, however the great skill of the team ensured this move to be skilfully done and on time.
So if you require any type of heavy objects to be transported across the country or even the next city, please ensure that D.J.Milner are the first ones you call, our dedicated team will ensure top customer service and can supply worldwide shipping if necessary. Just a few more pictures of the work D.J.Milner has accomplished.
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